Blackberry Storm Review

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Blackberry Storm Review

The Blackberry smart phone brand has been in the market for many years. The phone from the very start is known for its innovative features particularly e-mail. The phone for many years has been known for its instant emailing service. The earlier models were not that successful in the market as they lacked aesthetically in look and style. However, in recent years the company has come out with some of the more stylish phones being produced in the smart phone market. One such example is the Blackberry Storm.

The Blackberry Storm has many admired features, but one such feature which ranks above all others is the lack of physical keyboard. This is the first phone of the blackberry series which possesses a touch screen. But like all its previous models the phone has always carried with it an element of surprise. The touch screen of the phone is quite unique, placing pressure on the screen causes it to slide a bit into the body of the phone; this is followed by a clicking action. This has helped the users of the phone especially those with shaky hands, to be more accurate at the pointing. The touch screen on Blackberry Storm has been designed in such a way that one gets a feeling that he is pressing or working on a keyboard. All this gives the user an impression that he is virtually pressing a button.

The name of the phone goes along with it, Blackberry Storm has truly created a storm in the minds of the admirers of the phone. Apart from the emailing service, this phone has it all, 3 mega pixel camera, quality video playback, WiFi and a stand by time of about 30-40 hours. The phone is also highly ranked for the internet compatibility service it provides. Working on the internet is similar to working on any computer. Even the video playback facility available on the phone is one of the most superb yet. However, one might be disappointed at first use because the phone, much like other touch screen phones, takes a bit of getting used to. As one gets used to it the phone may become more and more useful.

Coming to the price factor, the product from the start has been priced at affordable rates. The phone also contains a business element in it such as quick note, alarm for appointments and other things at the front page. This has helped the phone in even attracting a huge number of businessmen to its customer list. The camera of the phone also includes auto focus which helps the phone increase the picture quality. Apart from this, the Blackberry Storm has also been highly marked on its audio and video quality of the phone which is one of the best in the market.

Therefore, if one wants to have a gorgeous phone which has all the newest features of internet, e-mailing and multimedia entertainment all packed into one, then the Blackberry Storm is the perfect choice.


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